Local Rentals

6707 SE Woodward
Portland OR 97206

1 Bedroom
Hardwood floors
No smoking
This unit does not have a garage.
On-site coin op washer and dryer
Rent: 1150.00
Pets Negotiable with additional 25.00 pet rent

No showings until Monday 2/6/23
We will begin accepting applications on Monday 2/6/23 at 3:00 pm

Not an accessible unit.



Please read the following criteria before submitting application.
What to Expect
We offer applications to everyone who inquires about the rental.
We review complete applications, in the order in which they are received.
If we are unable to verify any information provided, your application will be denied.
A $50.00 application deposit is required at the time you submit the application
The premises shall be used only as a dwelling unit.
This is a Non-smoking unit. This includes vaping, cigar, cigarette, pipe and marijuana. No smoking is allowed on the property unless otherwise specified.
This is a drug free rental. No drugs (including, but not limited to, marijuana) may be used, consumed, stored or manufactured at this property.
Application Process
Each adult, 18 years or older, who will occupy the unit MUST complete a rental application.
Allow five (5) days for screening process to be completed.
All information provided MUST BE VERIFIABLE.
Once application is approved, applicant will be required to pay the first month’s rent on the dwelling unit with in 48 hours. The property will cannot be held for your occupancy until the first month rent is paid.
Identification required
TWO (2) pieces of identification are REQUIRED. One must have a photograph. 
Acceptable forms of ID: 
Social Security card, Valid Permanent Resident Alien Registration Receipt Card, Immigrant Visa, Individual Tax Payer ID number (ITIN), Non-immigrant Visa, any government issued identification or any non-governmental identification or combination of identifications that would permit a reasonable verification of identity.
You must provide a recent pay stub.
A current address, phone number and birth date are required for each adult applicant.
Full name and birth date are required for each minor who will occupy the dwelling unit.
Housing References
Applicants must provide us with the last 5 years of rental history, along with landlord names, and phone, fax, or email addresses.
We reserve the right to deny an applicant if, after making good faith effort, we are unable to verify previous rental history.
Self-employed applicants must provide three years of Federal income tax returns and current year profit and loss statements.
All income must be verifiable.
Stability of income sources and amount of income for the past five (5) years will be considered.
The household combined net income must be three (3) times the amount of the rent.
Household income in City of Portland is 2.5 times the rent.
Credit History/Public Records
Applicant’s credit reports should show a history of responsible credit use.
Collections, judgements, bankruptcies will be reviewed in light of overall credit worthiness.
Evictions or tenant related judgements will be reviewed in light of overall credit worthiness.
Criminal Record
We check local and National criminal records.
Falsification or omission of criminal records will cause your application to be denied.
Arrest and conviction records will not automatically eliminate applicants from consideration. All such records will be reviewed in light of overall tenant worthiness.
Incomplete, Inaccurate or Falsified Information
Any information that is incomplete, illegible, inaccurate or falsified my be grounds for denying applications, or termination of the rental agreement upon discovery of falsified information.
Screening Process
We determine, based on the application, whether the applicant meets our screening guidelines.
We verify income and resources.
We check with current and previous landlords.
We obtain your credit report, eviction report and a criminal records report.
Based on your screening reports we may ask for a co-signer.

After you submit your application with the application deposit, we will evaluate your information and give you an answer within 5 days.